Saturday, December 15, 2018

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

For The Love of a Chicken

     Some people just cannot comprehend how someone can actually love a chicken.  The truth is you don't just wake up one morning and say today's the day I am going to fall in love with a chicken.  Most of the people who knew me way back in my younger years,  gasp at the thought of me even living on a farm.
     The whole loving chickens was a slow process for me.  When I thought of chickens it was usually food based:  BBQ chicken,  fried chicken, chicken & dumplings and of course the chicken nugget dipped in ranch dressing.  Little did I know that the husband wanting to hatch eggs in an incubator would change my view on chickens forever.
     Twenty four days I watched over those eggs,  misting them with water, turning them and making sure they stayed at the right temperature.  Finally the chicks started pecking their way out of the eggs,  it was a sweet thing to watch.  There was this one chick  having a hard time,  she had worked for hours trying to get out of that shell.  I watched, waited, talk to her, was her cheerleader, prayed for her and she just couldn't do it.  I gently helped her out and saw the problem,  she had a bad leg.
     Most chicken people will tell you these are the chicks to put out of their misery,  but me and the husband couldn't do it.  I took care of the chick thinking all along she's never going to make it.  Well she did, our first handicapped chicken,  we named her Lucky.  She lived for almost 2 years and even laid a few eggs.  She had a happy life living in the bunny cage with White the rabbit.  I loved that chicken.  We've had several handicap chickens since , all so precious with their cute personalities.  Yes chickens have personalities.  Currently we have a hen named Twinkle Toes who has some foot issues,  but she does a mean Electric Slide and don't get her started on the Macarena.
    We have a little over 30 chickens now.  The beautiful Black-Sex-Link hens with their beautiful black feathers with the turquiose sheen on them, the sweet red hens,  Speck our young rooster that hatched last fall and of course Rooster Cogburn.  They all run to meet me every morning for breakfast and I know some people will not believe this,  but those chickens love me and I proudly say that I'm their Mom.  I love chickens and I'm sure if you ever meet Twinkle Toes you will too...  #chicken

Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday, July 13, 2015

Garden Blessings

What a beautiful 5 gallon bucket...  Thank you Lord for blessing my garden..